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Audio Services

Recording: Our studio is equipped to capture any of your audio requirements; whether it be an instrument, a song, vocals, and much more.  If it makes sound, we can record it.  

Voice-overs: We have the tools and talent to deliver high quality, bilingual voice overs for commercials, audio-books, interactive voice response (IVR), narrations and more.

Mixing: Equipped with both digital and analog gear; The Juke Pro can offer the convenience and quality of digital mixing using industry standard software and high-end analog devices to really clean up and shape any type of audio recording

Mastering: The final step in audio production.  We believe that every finished product needs to sound perfect on any medium. Be it your phone or high-end speaker systems, we maintain an industry standard to ensure both the client and the listeners satisfaction.

Song Writing: Do you have a song idea but you’re stuck on where to take that melody in your head?  The training and multidisciplinary taste of our musicians will bring your ideas to life using any genre that you require.

Composition: Do you require music to be written for your advertisement or company presentations? Our in-house composers can help put together any style of music you require. 


Editing: Audio projects can get extremely crowded with different takes and different sounds.  During the editing process, we can take your recorded project, clean it up of all excess data and have it ready for mixing and mastering.