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Event Management Services

Music and Theater Acts: Are you a band? Event organizer? Producer? Do you have a performance in need of back end production (Sound/Light setup, stage direction).


Small – Large Events: The Juke pro is equipped to handle any event regardless of size.  Our team can arrange any of the audio/visual requirements as well as providing the entertainment and staff for the event.


Corporate Events: A brand is an important part of any corporate structure.  With The Juke Pro event management and attention to detail, we help corporate companies in organizing events that reflect their brand and mission.  


Festivals: At The Juke Pro we believe that logistics and timing are essential to a successful festival.  With our live team of show technicians, our catalog of music talent, and high-end gear; you can ensure that your festival will be handled from A to Z with us.  

Café/Restaurant Events: The Juke Pro can provide the vibe that a cafe/restaurant requires; with a small set-up that does not get in the way of a small place or its customers, and with music that does not interfere but enhance a dining experience.  

Screens/Lighting: The Juke Pro team can customize screens and lighting that you require for your event.  Our team of engineers will come and assemble the screens and the lighting that goes with it, in addition to the lighting for the space provided


Equipment Rental: The Juke Pro is equipped with a variety of audio/visual gear; whether it be a small speaker or microphone or full on production requirement, you can find it with us.