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Visual Services

Photography: A special moment should be captured in a special way; we at The Juke Pro take that into consideration, and provide the right gear and right photographer for the moment.


Videography: The Juke Pro offers a wide range of video options to capture and portray the message that our clients are trying to deliver.  With a keen eye for detail and enhanced editing techniques, we make sure that every video is original and memorable.


Animation: We have access to some of the best animators around that will bring your vision to reality.


Directing: Here at The Juke we have experienced directors with backgrounds in commercials, documentaries, and movies.


Storyboarding/Scripting: We take whatever concept that you may have and we make it happen. We’ll write the script and storyboard the execution.


Editing: Got any footage that needs adjusting? Color correction? Whatever the editing needs are, we can take care of it.